TutorPro v2.0.1

TutorPro v2.0.1

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DEMO Credentials:
 # Admin user: email: admin@example.com password: password# Author user: email: author@example.com password: password# Subscribed User: email: subscriber@example.com  password: password# Basic user: email: user@example.com password: password 

Change log


 - Added ability to upload course resources - Showing lesson description in frontend - Allow authors to request payments and see payouts - Fixed bugs in Slider management - Allow site admin to choose whether or not to send email notifications - Disable Demo mode by default - Allow site admins  to export newsletter list as excel or csv - Add ability for admin to specify percentage commission to author for purchases 

11/05/2017 – Version 2.0 release

 - Complete interface replacement. - Added ability to buy single courses for users who do not want to subscriber. - Added PayPal for course purchase. - Added Author Role and ability for authors to manager their courses. - Introduced course reviews. - Added ability for users to switch between monthly and yearly subscription plans. - Added the ability to upload videos to S3 or to local server. - Added Youtube and Vimeo  video support. - Included newsletter subscription form. - Enhanced messaging system between visitors and authors. - Added ability for Admin to turn off email activation for new users. 

25/04/2017 – Version 1.1 release

 - Replaced Braintree Payment with Stripe Payment. - Added ability to choose whether to save videos on Amazon  s3 or on Local server. - Added Developer Scipts to release package for anyone who wishes to customize the app. - Enhanced invoice PDF download. - Fixed Category link on navigation. 

10/04/2017 – Version 1.0 release

 - Initial release